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Cargo Domain DNS Editing

Domains purchased from Cargo and Third-Party domains that have been linked to Cargo have DNS-editing capability. You can use DNS records to link third-party services (such as filehosting or email) to your domain or subdomain. Once your Domain is connected, launch the DNS Editor through the Cargo Admin: → Cargo Account Settings → DNS Manager. Other Domains associated with your Account can be edited through → Cargo Account Settings → Domain Names.

Cargo’s DNS Editor supports the following records:

A — An A record is most commonly used to point your root domain to another location using an IP Address.

CNAME — Use CNAME records to link a subdomain of your domain to a different service, like Tumblr or Persona.

MX — Email services such as Pobox and Google Apps will require you to add MX records in order to receive email at your domain. Learn how to setup email with a Cargo Domain.

Other — The DNS Editor also supports other record types like ANAME, SPF, SRV, and TXT.

Adding new records

Add a new record by clicking New and choosing the record type in the left column. Some records like MX will populate additional fields after selecting the record type. Below is an example of a subdomain, using the CNAME record type.

Note: After a domain’s DNS records are changed, it can take some time for these changes to propagate across the entire internet. This process can take up to 48 hours, although it is typically much faster.