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Moving a Cargo 1 Domain to Cargo 2

If you have a domain linked to a Cargo 1 site, some additional DNS configuration is required to connect it to a Cargo 2 site.

Begin the process in the Cargo Admin: → Use a Personal Domain → Use one of my Cargo Domains and select the domain you want to use. This will put the domain into a pending state. After you configure your domain for Cargo 2, your domain will no longer be connected to your Cargo 1 site.

Pointing Name Servers to Cargo

To configure a top-level domain, like example.com, for use with a Cargo 2 site, set the domain to use only Cargo’s nameservers (be sure to remove any other nameserver records):

This hover.com support article shows an example of what this process looks like. The interface used to set a domain's nameservers will vary from service to service.

Note: If you have email at your domain, Cargo will attempt to maintain its required DNS settings during the transfer process. This includes MX and TXT records; Subdomains and CNAME records will not be transferred. If you are verifying your domain with CNAME Records, as with G Suite or Zoho, you will need to re-verify your domain after connecting it to Cargo using Cargo’s DNS editing interface.


To point a subdomain, like cargo.example.com or anything.example.com, change the DNS CNAME record for your subdomain to point to Cargo’s subdomain URL:

Note: Use this record as-is; it should not be changed to your Cargo site URL.

If you’re having trouble making these changes to your domain on your own, Cargo offers a free Domain Configuration Service.