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Using a Third-Party Domain

If you have a domain registered through a third-party domain host — like hover.com or iwantmyname.com — you can link it to your Cargo Site by changing its DNS configuration.

Begin the process in the Cargo Admin: → Connect an existing Domain Name → Enter a Third-Party Domain.

To configure a top-level domain, like example.com, for use with a Cargo 2 site, set the domain to use only Cargo’s nameservers (be sure to remove any other nameserver records):

This hover.com support article shows an example of what this process looks like. The interface used to set a domain’s nameservers will vary from service to service. Be aware that, although this process configures your domain to point to your Cargo site, it does not transfer ownership of the domain itself to us. We are unable to take over ownership of domains registered elsewhere, so note that you will need to keep up with the registration of the domain itself through your original domain host.

Note: If you have email at your domain, Cargo will attempt to maintain its required DNS settings during the transfer process. This includes MX and TXT records; Subdomains and CNAME records will not be transferred. If you are verifying your domain with CNAME Records, as with G Suite or Zoho, you will need to re-verify your domain after connecting it to Cargo using Cargo’s DNS editing interface.

To point a subdomain, like cargo.example.com or anything.example.com, change the DNS CNAME record for your subdomain to point to Cargo’s subdomain URL:

Note: Use this record as-is; it should not be changed to your Cargo site URL.

If you’re having trouble making these changes to your domain on your own, Cargo offers a free Domain Configuration Service.