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Adding Google Analytics

To add Google Analytics into your Cargo Site, first sign into Analytics with your Google account. Follow their instructions to generate a website tracking code for your Site.

Find your tracking code inside your Analytics account, inside the Analytics admin section: Account → Property → Tracking Info. See also this article in the Google Analytics support center: Find your tracking ID, and property number in your account.

Paste the entire tracking code into your Custom HTML area, which you can find inside your Cargo admin panel → Design → Custom HTML. If you have multiple Pages inside your Site, this tracking code will track all of them. The code will not work when pasted into Pages.

It may take up to 24 hours before Analytics begins to record activity in your website. If it doesn’t work after this time, there may be issues inside your Custom HTML area: check that you are using the correct tracking code for your URL, and look for formatting issues elsewhere inside your Custom HTML.