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Rates & Services

Cargo is a professional, fully customizable site building service for putting work on the web. Make a portfolio, a shop, an archive, a magazine, or other project of any size or scope.

Standard site upgrade: 
  • $14/mo — billed yearly
  • or $19/mo — billed monthly

With Commerce:
  • $19.50/mo — billed yearly
  • or $28/mo — billed monthly
All Cargo sites are free to try or build. To make a site public simply choose a desired service option. To see what your Cargo site could look like, we suggest taking a look at our Templates and Sites in Use.

All Cargo sites come fully equipped with the same toolset and features. This includes: 
  • Responsive, fully customizable templates
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited pages
  • Professional support
  • Live assistance via Chat
  • Cloud-based image storage up to 6GB
  • Commerce integration
  • Domain registration & management
  • SSL encryption
  • Unique image effects
  • Premium font libraries

To start a site, choose a template